Habits That Will Eventually Send You to the Dentist

While a majority of the population is aware of the importance of good oral care, a good number of individuals tend to assume that their teeth will be fine as long as they brush them on a daily basis. Although brushing and flossing help to limit the bacteria in your teeth and gums, there are still a host of seemingly innocuous habits, you may have that will compromise the integrity of your teeth. And if you are unaware of these habits, there is the likelihood that you will eventually damage your teeth and have to pay exorbitant fees to have them repaired or even replaced if you end up losing a tooth! This piece illuminates a couple of habits that will eventually send you to the dentist.

Opening items with your teeth 

While there are a host of tools designed for the specific purpose of opening items, from bottle openers to scissors, some people tend to think that opening stuff with their teeth is much more convenient. From opening a beer bottle with their teeth to ripping away at packaging, some people do not think of the repercussions of this habit. What they are not taking into consideration regarding their teeth is that these structures are designed specifically for chewing. When you expose your teeth to the pressure of opening items, you are putting them at undue risk of chipping. Furthermore, constant ripping at items with your teeth also poses the threat of eroding the enamel, which will also translate into extensive damage. Failure to quit his habit means your teeth will eventually need surgical correction from a dentist.


Another habit that may seem harmless but could be wreaking havoc on the condition of your teeth is nail-biting. Some people may find nail-biting abhorrent but only for the reason that it can make your nails appear unattractive. However, this is not the only problem posed by constantly biting down on your nails. The more often you chew on your nails, the higher the chances of causing damage to your enamel. And when your enamel is compromised, you become at risk of chipping your teeth, especially if your nails are particularly hard. Another thing to note about nail-biting is that it increases the chances of developing bruxism, and this will affect both your teeth and your jaws. Lastly, nail-biting can also lead to damage to your gums, which can increase your risk of infections and even the possibility of losing your teeth from the damage to your gums! Thus, it is not only important to stop this habit, but you should nip it in the bud if your kids are developing it too.

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