Symptoms of Depression That Should Have You Visiting a Psychologist

The most prominent misconception people have about depression is that it is merely a touch of the blues. In truth, depression is a mental illness that should be treated with the same seriousness as physical ailments since it comes about due to chemical imbalances in the brain. Thus, while you may believe that you can shake depression off as you would a bad mood, the reality is most people need their depression treated by a psychologist. They may also need mood-altering medications to manage this illness. Therefore, it is vital for everybody to know what the warning signs of depression are so that they can identify them and seek the appropriate help. The following are a few symptoms of depression that should have you visiting a psychologist.

A drastic change in your sleep patterns

One sign that is typically indicative of the onset of depression is abnormal sleep patterns. These changes in your sleep patterns can manifest in different ways. For instance, some individuals may find it difficult to fall asleep at night. And when they finally do sleep, they experience restlessness that leaves them knackered in the morning. Alternatively, some people may find that they are sleeping abnormally longer. When you are sleeping for longer than average, you may also find it challenging to get out of bed in the morning, which means slacking on your responsibilities. If your daily routine has not changed, but your sleep patterns have, you may want to see a psychologist.

An alteration in your eating habits

Another way that depression can manifest as a symptom is dramatic differences in your eating habits. Just as with changes in your sleeping, your food intake can also vary in two main ways. First, you could have a sudden loss of appetite. If you are barely eating for a substantial amount of time, you will end up experiencing significant weight loss in a short period. Conversely, some people who are suffering from depression can increase their daily intake of food at a massive rate. Also known as comfort eating, this change in your diet can cause you to gain an inordinate amount of weight in a short time.

A lack of interest in your daily life

Since chemical imbalances cause depression in the brain, you could end up feeling as if everything around you is bland and not worth the effort. Depression sufferers typically lose the pleasure they take in regular everyday activities, which gradually causes them to withdraw from their friends and loved ones. While taking a break from the humdrum of daily living is excellent to recharge yourself, losing interest in most things for the long term is a sign that you could be depressed.

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