When It's Time to Get New Eyeglasses

Never overlook the importance of getting new eyeglasses when needed, as you might be squinting or trying to see things in front of you without even realizing that you're struggling to focus your eyes. In turn, you might be putting yourself as risk when you're behind the wheel of your car if you can't clearly see traffic signs or pedestrians, or you might be consistently straining and overworking your eyes. Note when it's time to make an appointment with an optometrist to have your eyes examined for new lenses.

You trip and bump into things

You may not realize how much your eyes focus on things around you, as you may not be consciously looking at furniture, doorways, steps and the like. However, your eyes are always judging distance, depth, the traction of a surface and so on. If you find that you're suddenly bumping into things, tripping on stairs or dropping things you mean to set down on a counter or table in front of you, it may be time to get new glasses. These minor accidents might mean that your eyes cannot easily focus on those surfaces and, in turn, you trip on or bump into things or misjudge distances. Don't assume you're just getting clumsy, but have your vision checked if you notice this happening.

You can't adjust to different distances

When you move your eyes from the phone in your hand to look across the room, your eyes should focus quickly; you shouldn't even notice a difference in your vision. However, if you notice that you need to squint when looking at different distances or that your eyes need a minute or two to focus on the phone again, it's time for new glasses. You may need bifocals or a stronger prescription so that your eyes can focus and see clearly no matter the distance.

Your eyes are dry

You can be prone to dry eyes for a number of reasons, including allergies, dehydration and other similar conditions. However, if your eyes are always working hard to focus, this can cause them to dry out. This can be very damaging to eyes, as eyes need proper lubrication to focus and move freely. Dry eyes can also be very painful, and you might notice stinging or redness when your eyes are dry. Have an optometrist examine your eyes for needed drops and other treatment and for new prescription glasses, which can help the eyes to focus more easily and not get overworked.

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